About Us

At VIBRER, we strive to achieve excellence through diligent work and efficiency. Hard work is applied to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions in the field of Formulation and Packaging. Due to our decades of experience, we can provide a one - stop shop for all Pharma - Related Manufacturing. Our 'Customer First’ approach has made us immensely adored by our clients.

‘Honesty’, ‘Professionalism’ and ‘Excellence’ are the three pillars of on, which we strive to operate.

We have excellent relation with our suppliers and we shall provide the best equipment to our customers. Our work does not just stop at the supply stage; we also do thorough inspection of the equipment via our expert engineers so that the machine functions up to the standards set by our customers.

Our Team

Shekhar Sherigar

Shekhar Sherigar

(Director and Chairman)

Shekhar Sherigar is Chairman and Director at Vibrer. His vision to provide quality end-to-end service to the pharmaceutical manufacturing lead to the birth of this company. He has a wealth of experience in the field of marketing due to more than 30 years of service to ACG worldwide, a giant in the field of formulation and packaging machines.

A principled man whose philosophy of hard work and professionalism has brought this company to where it’s standing today. His “more than just a customer approach” has earned great dividends in developing client relations. Mr Sherigar also vouches for Operational Excellency at Vibrer and due to that the company has grown exponentially through its formative years.

Anuj Kabra


Anuj Kabra is Director at Vibrer. His dynamic approach has helped Vibrer become a household name in Latin America. More than 15 years of experience in the field of engineering serves him well in providing technically sound solutions to any formulation and packaging requirements. Mr Kabra is proficient in Spanish and Portuguese, which helped him to permeate the entire South and Central American market.

Mr Kabra sets lofty standards for himself and the company. This helps us to surpass our customer’s expectations when it comes to delivering quality products and services.

Anuj Kabra