Consumables are the most important aspect of primary packaging. Containment and quality maintenance are the crucial roles played by consumables.

We provide high quality foils for various applications in primary packaging.

Blister Foils

  • High quality plain or printed foils for application in blister packaging
  • Foils are hard tempered, 18 to 30 microns thick and coated with heat seal lacquer.

Strip Foils

  • Strip foils are used for packaging of high moisture sensitive tablets and capsules.
  • Foils are soft tempered, 30 to 40 microns thick and laminated with LDPE films.

CR Foils

  • These are special application foils that confer child-resistance to opening the blister packs.
  • They have a special safety cap. These aluminium foils are either paper based or PVC based.

We also provide Foils for :-

  • Lidding foils for use and throw containers.
  • PVC, PVDC and other polymer films for blister packaging.
  • Aluminium and laminated tubes for liquid or semi-solid packaging.