Cartoning Machine

We offer high efficiency Cartoning machine through our fruitful partnership with PACMAC Solutions Pvt. Limited

  • Designed to pack tubes, blisters, vials, soap, etc. into cartons.
  • It is a continuous motion machine offering smooth operation.
  • Available in 3 speed ranges: 120 / min, 200 / min and 300 / min.
  • Synchronisation allows for seamless integration with tube filling, vial filling and blister packing machines for a complete end-to-end process of primary and secondary packaging.

Case Packer

  • Sturdy and robust design for case packing low, medium and high speed product lines.
  • It is available in Side Loading, Top Loading and Drop Loading variant.
  • Modular construction for flexibility and fast size change over
  • Specific models available to meet GMP requirements of food & Pharma industries

Over - Wrapper

  • Overwrapped cartons provide an airtight seal with resistance to contamination.
  • Two variants of machines are available: Turret type for individual small cartons and Linear type for collated samples.


  • Versatile machine to bundle together cartons of different sizes.
  • Machine can be customized to handle different size ranges.
  • Machines with servo drive to assist in easy changeover.