We offer a variety of superior quality Liquid-filling machines based on output requirements.

Tube Filling Machine

We offer robust Tube-filling machines due to our productive partnership with PACMAC Solutions Pvt. Limited.

    • There are available in 2 output ranges viz., MAC60 (60 tubes/min) and MAC120 (120 tubes/min).
    • These machines are available as Combo model, which can handle Aluminium tubes as well as Plastic/Laminated tubes.
    • Machine can be customised to provide double-fold or Saddle fold (‘M’ fold) to seal aluminium tubes.
    • Hot air type sealing mechanism for sealing of laminated/plastic tubes.
    • Blowing and sucking mechanism for cleaning of tubes before product filling.
    • Design allows for easy changeover based on tube diameter.

Servo-Based Piston Filling Machine

    • Available in 4 different variants: 4 head, 6 head, 8 head and 12 head.
    • Servo volumetric piston can handle a wide variety of semi-viscous and viscous liquids.
    • Consistent and accurate filling is achieved with adjustable fill volume using the operator interface.
    • Designed for easy changeover and cleaning.

Gravity-Based Liquid Filling Machine

    • Suitable for liquids with very low viscosity that does not change with ambient temperature.
    • HMI controls the filling valve to allow precision filling of the bottles with the help of gravity.
    • Designed for easy changeover and cleaning.
    • Can handle a wide range of free flowing fluids.

Peristaltic Based Vial Filling, Stoppering and Capping Machine

    • Suitable for filling of sterile liquids.
    • Fluid comes in contact with interior of pump thus preventing any chance of cross contamination.
    • PIDVolume calibration easy with touch screen.
    • Jog forward and reverse function for priming and purging.

Flow Meter Based Filling Machine with P&P / ROPP capping

    • Premium method for accurate measuring and filling of bottles.
    • Available in linear and rotary variant. Filling and capping mono-block can be provided with rotary variant.
    • Ideal solution for handling conductive and non-conductive fluids without any contact with moving parts.
    • Available in different head variants based on filling requirements.

We also offer individual ROPP and screw capping machines as well as Turntables, Airjet cleaning machines, Induction sealing, Sticker labelling machine and conveyors to provide a complete Powder filling line.