Single / Multi Head Auger Powder Filling Machine

    • Servo based auger filler allows for precise and repeatable filling cycles.
    • Various types of free flow and non-free flow powders can be filled in different types of bottle.
    • Designed for easy changeover and cleaning.
    • Filling accuracy up to +/- 2 to 3%
    • Weight based auger filler can be provided when specific, verified and weighed quantity of product is to be dispensed.

Volumetric / Vacuum based Rotary Powder Filling Machine

    • Servo controls the multi piston wheel for providing high filling accuracy and product output.
    • Available as an option with ROPP or screw cap mono-block.
    • System operates continuously with product dispensed into funnels traveling on a circular turret with multi-position powder wheel.
    • Precise funnel type filling to prevent spillage of powders on bottleneck and shoulder.

Strip Packing Machine

    • Economic solution to pack a wide range of products in strips.
    • Strip packing machine is available in 4 track, 6 track and 8 track models based on output requirements.
    • PID based temperature controller to maintain temperature of sealing roller.
    • Inkjet Printer can be integrated for printing Batch code, manufacturing and expiry date.

We also offer individual ROPP and screw capping machines as well as Turntables, Airjet cleaning machines, Induction sealing, Sticker labelling machine and conveyors to provide a complete Powder filling line.